Permanent Eyebrows


If you would like more fullness of the brows without having to continually use make-up then you will love the effect of this procedure.   Alopecia sufferers are surprised at how natural the eyebrows look.

Lack of eyebrow hair is a common problem for women of all different ages.   People who have lost their eyebrows or have patchy eyebrow growth often need a permanent solution to their problem.

Permanent make-up is that solution.

How do you choose the colour?

Correct colours are achieved by blending colours to complement the client’s own skin and hair tone.   The colour is agreed with the client prior to commencement of the treatment.

What about shape?

The shape is discussed with the client and the eyebrows are drawn on before the treatment begins.   When the client is completely happy with the colour and shape the procedure takes place.

Does it look natural?

Brows are enhanced with life like hair strokes so the effect is very natural.


Brows can also be enhanced with a powder brow effect or a block colour which gives a more defined look.


I have cancer and need chemotherapy- I am worried about losing my eyebrows, can I have it done?

Eyebrows procedures should be carried out before the chemotherapy begins so that colour is implanted in the natural line of the brows.   Once chemotherapy begins the healing process of the body is compromised. Consent should be obtained from your specialist in all cases.