Ombre/Shading Masterclass £550

1 Day course.

Suitable for students already qualified in the art of semi-permanent make-up and hold insurance and a certificate in semi permanent make-up.

Ombre brows and shading are carried out by using advanced skills and different needle choices.  A sought after procedure that offers the client a 3D brow effect using subtle shading techniques.

This Masterclass will enable you to offer powder brow & ombre procedures, setting you apart from other technicians.

During the 1 day course you will learn:

  • Digital shading methods for Strokes + Shading
  • Strokes + Shading Ombre effect
  • Powder brow
  • Ombre brow
  • Use of different pigment shades for the Ombre effect
  • Use of colour dilution for Ombre effects

There will be a maximum number of 2 students per course.

You will have the opportunity to develop the skill first on fake skin and then carry out practical treatments on clients.

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