Where is the training academy located?

Training is carried out near Biggleswade Bedfordshire.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. Insurance can be purchased from Holistic Insurance Service or ABT Insurance. Insurance will cover you for training and case studies and then be upgraded to qualified technician once you have achieved your diploma.

Further advise will be given on this once you contact the academy.

Do I need any qualifications to attend your course?

No.  My courses are accredited with ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) and are stand alone courses that require no previous experience.  They are recognised as professional qualifications and are fully insurable.

Do I need to obtain a license with the local council?

To carry out Micropigmentation and Microblading treatments you will need to obtain a license with most local authorities. (There are a few exceptions).  You should contact them to find out their exact requirements as each local authority has their own bye laws and costings.

What sort of things will I need to obtain a license?

You will require premises with a washable floor and a near-by sink.  Many ask for a sink in the room.  If your room does not have the facilities to plumb in a sink you can obtain a portable sink that provides hot running water at a reasonable cost.  You will need to meet the required high level health and safety standards necessary to carry out these treatments and this will be taught to you on the course.

Can I work from home?

You can work from home providing you obtain a license from your local council.  The requirements will be the same as if you work in a salon.  Your work room will need a washable floor and you will require a nearby sink or a sink in the room. A portable sink that provides hot water is suitable.

Do I need a level 4 certificate?

Unless you are working in Central London or a London borough then you do not need a level 4 course to obtain a license. If you are working anywhere in the U.K. other than London my ABT accredited certificate will allow you to obtain a license.

There is no indication that the level 4 requirement will be rolled out across the U.K.

Can I upgrade to a level 4 at a later date?

Yes.  If you have a micropigmentation or microblading certificate you can upgrade with a short course.  You may be required to obtain a level 3 A&P certificate (if you do not have level 3) as a pre-requirement to carrying out level 4.

Do I have to bring my own models?

You do not have to bring your own models for your course work as I will provide them.

Can I still get help once I have finished the course?

There is ongoing help and mentoring once you have completed your certificate for as long as you require it.