Microblading Courses

Would you like to learn the art of Microblading?

Arti carries out microblading

Arti trains in microblading


Professional SPMU artists

If you are a professional Semi Permanent Make-up Artists who would like to learn the art of microblading, the courses are shorter as you already have the skills necessary to understand the skin, pigment choices based on client colour tone, health and safety, contra-indications to name but a few.  Consequently, I offer a 2 day course during which time you will learn equipment choices, hair placement patterns, application techniques and will have the opportunity to work on clients.


If you are new to cosmetic tattooing it is important that you build your knowledge base in addition to learning the skills needed for the application of this treatment.  Without the underpinning knowledge you will not be able to offer your clients the professional treatment they deserve so it is important to choose a course that is going to set you up for a good career in this fabulous treatment.

For beginners to the world of cosmetic tattooing I offer a 3 day course to teach all of the theory required in addition to practical skills.  This includes information on  hygiene and health and safety, skin knowledge, contra indications, pigment colour choices and blade choices.

Practical work covers hair placement patterns and is carried out using drawing techniques, fake skin techniques and then practical experience on a number of clients.

working on clients

working on clients

On completion of the course you will be required to carry out 5 case studies in your own time and then return to the training academy for a final assessment.

Why do you need to carry out case studies?  Case studies are done with your client’s agreement that you are a student and not yet qualified.  It is your opportunity to build your skills before working as a qualified therapist.  All students agree it is an important part of their development and helps build confidence and technique.

Cosmetic tattooing is a popular procedure whether it is carried out with the semi permanent make-up machine or by manual application.  In either case it must be carried out with skill and sympathy to a client’s requirements.  It should only be undertaken by students with a genuine desire to enhance a client’s confidence by providing them with  beautiful eyebrows.

To attain good skills at this treatment you need to be prepared to practice eyebrow drawing techniques, practice your microblading techniques with pencil and paper and on fake skin.

You will need to purchase insurance for cosmetic tattooing.  My courses are accredited with Associated Beauty Therapists and validated by Holistic Insurance Services.  Both of these companies will provide insurance cover for therapists who have attended my courses.

3 day Courses for beginners cost £1400 and include a starter kit containing disposable hand pieces (necessary if you do not have an autoclave), disposable blades, pigments and sundries.

2 day Courses for professionals cost £750.

Courses are carried out near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.  There is ample on site parking. The nearest railway station is Biggleswade.  There is reasonably priced B&B nearby.

Please contact me for further information.